Life Cycle of Components in Your Home

How Long Will Each One last?

Are you in the market to buy a home and curious what your potential out of pocket costs may be in the future? Check out the expected life cycles of components in your home, so you may plan ahead! On average, you should save a $1 a sq. ft per year, to maintain your home for future repair costs.

When the average buyer buys a home, they may not consider the future costs of maintaining their home. There are so many unexpected costs that may arise during home ownership. Don’t be caught unprepared! Start saving now for those unexpected costs. The following list shows the average life cycle of items, so you may plan ahead.

Roof – 20 years (asphalt shingles)

Exterior Paint – up to 15 years

Windows – 15-30 years

Carpeting – 8-10 years

Kitchen Cabinets – 50 years

Garbage Disposal – 12 years

Dishwasher- 9 years

Faucet – 15 years

Sink – 5-10 years (enamel coated steel)

Range – 13-15 years

Microwave Oven – 9 years

Refrigerator – 13 years

Wood Deck – 10-15 years

Security/Smoke Detector – 5-10 years

Whirlpool Tub  – 20-50 yers

Shower Enclosure – 50 years

Tub/Shower Faucets – 20+ years

Toilet – Lifetime

Wood/Stone Flooring – 100 years

Electric Switches/Sockets – 10+ years

Air Conditioning Unit – 10-15 years

Garage Door Opener – 10-15 years

Driveway – 15-20 years (asphalt)

Washing Machine – 10 years

Dryer – 13 years

Heat Pump – 16 years

Furnace – 15-18 years

If you need an idea of the expected costs of the repairs, check out the following link.


In conclusion, each item on this list could be several hundred dollars, or up to 10’s of thousands of dollars for a new roof or kitchen. Keeping up with the various components in your home is so important in maintaining your property values. If you stay ahead of it yearly, you won’t have an influx of repairs all at once. So, make sure you keep an eye on the life cycle of components in your home now because it will save you money in the long run.

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