Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale

As the Spring selling market is quickly approaching, now is the time to get your home ready for sale.  I always say to get your home back to “like new condition”. And have provided Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale.

You never want to leave money on the table. When a potential buyer walks in and is wowed by the condition of your home, it will maximize your profits. If you cut corners, thousands of dollars may be lost, as the buyer is adding up all of the costs to repair.

I like to recommend a pre-listing inspection, as it also helps reduce stress for the seller, so they are aware of repairs ahead of time. It will also quickly uncover any issues, which you can then budget to repair or fix prior to listing. ALWAYS remember to use licensed companies and keep all receipts, as buyers will usually request them.

So, what are the best tips to prepare your home for sale, you ask? Keep reading to find out!


You always want to improve the curb appeal on the outside, so when I buyer pulls up, they instantly feel like they are at home. Re-seed or re-sod. Use Scotts Lawn Weed and Feed to reduce the weeds. Mow the lawn. Plant new flowers, mulch and trim your bushes.


Pressure wash driveways, walk-ways and siding. NEVER power wash your roof, it takes off the protective barrier. And clean gutters.

Make Major Repairs

Always check the roof and replace or make repairs. AC units and water heaters should be maintained, serviced or replaced, if they are at the end of their useful life. Check your windows and foundation and replace or make repairs, as needed.

Front Door

The next thing buyers look at is the front door. Either put a fresh coat of pain on it or re-stain. Put out a new welcome mat. And replace faded house numbers on your home.

Organize Closets & Drawers

Messy closets and drawers, that have items everywhere, will make it look smaller. Maximize space by donating old clothing and organizing, so it makes them look bigger.


It is so important to de-personalize your home. Reduce clutter. Start packing all your personal items and put in storage. You want a buyer to envision themselves living there. When there is too much clutter and your decorative stamp weighs heavily on the home, it may hinder their dreams of living there.

Deep Clean Your Home

If you don’t want to take on the task of deep cleaning everywhere. I mean everywhere! Hire a professional. Otherwise, get those cobwebs, clean the baseboards, shampoo carpets (or replace) shine the hardwoods or tile, dust and vacuum. And don’t forget the toilets and showers, clean and re-caulk or replace.


One of the best things you can do with your own sweat equity, is paint. Maintain neutral colors, don’t go crazy with dark colors. You want to keep it light, so it looks bigger and inviting. And if the trim is damaged, replace too, prior to painting.

Bad Odors

This one is a sensitive doozy that sellers don’t like to talk about. We all love our pets, but sometimes their odors can be a bit much. Buyers sense of smell should not be assailed upon entry, they should be delighted with the eyes. Shampoo the couches and use a blanket for when the pets are on the couch. Keep litter boxes clean and hidden. You can also rent an ozone machine, which will help eliminate odors. Or use air purifiers in the home. And I don’t recommend the plug-ins everywhere. It’s a red flag, as it makes buyers wonder what the sellers are hiding.

In Conclusion:

I know we all form an emotional attachment to our homes.

But, once it is listed for sale, it is time to let go.

And get it prepared properly, so that a new family may come in and love it as much as you did.

If you have any questions or need help. Please reach out!